Buckets for Hunger has an all volunteer board. The men and women have put in countless hours and invested their lives in an effort to bring about a better life for those in need.

Name: John Brockington
Notables: NFL Rookie of the Year 1971, NFL Player - Retired Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame member
John has been on the board since 1995.  He joined as soon as I called him out of the clear blue.  He has made several appearances for us at major events and he has signed many items also.  He is truly  a member of  our team and cares a great deal about the issue of hunger in America.

Name: Adam Burish
Notables: Member of UW Badger National Championship Hockey team of 2006   Current National Hockey League player with Dallas Stars
Adam became a member of the Honorary Board of Directors in December of 2008.  He was instrumental in developing and providing auction items for the First Annual Adam Burish's Buckets for Hunger Thanksgiving Challenge held at the Kohl Center during a Badger Hockey game on November 2, 2008.  It continues to be a nice addition to our other fund raising events as it has brought in over $27,000 in proceeds in the first three years of the event. Adam has demonstrated a sincere determination to assist Buckets in our battle to fight hunger.

Name: Chris Chambers  
Notables: Member of the Badgers' Rose Bowl winning team in 1999 and 2000.  Was named all big ten in senior season. Has played in NFL for ten years and made the Pro Bowl team in 2005.
Chris joined the Honorary Board of Directors in 2010 after being a guest at one of our dinner/auction events.  He has already made a significant contribution to our efforts to fight hunger and it looks like he will serve well in the battle to feed hungry people.

Name: Ron Dayne
Notables: Heisman Trophy 1999, Former NFL Player, Former University of Wisconsin Football Player
Ron Dayne has been helping since he left UW after winning the Heisman Trophy Award in 1999.  He has been at several dinner/auctions and was the star of our "Meet Ron Dayne Night" in 2000.  He has signed countless items and donated many others to our cause.  Ron has been a great asset to the organization.

Name: Mike Eaves  
Notables: All american hockey player for UW two times in 1977 1978.  Played in NHL for eight years.  Currently is head coach for UW men's hockey program and led the team to 2006 National Championship and runner-up in 2010 
Mike is going to be a great addition to our board and has made a staunch commitment to make our annual silent auction at a men's hockey game into a big success.

Name: Michael Finley
Notables: Two Time NBA Allstar, Current NBA Player, Former University of Wisconsin Basketball Player
Michael has been working to fight hunger with Buckets since 1996.  He has made appeaarances for us at basketball clinics, autograph sessions, corporate luncheons and he has done commercials for us.  He has allowed us to use his name to promote our state wide basketball shooting contest and he was the main cog in our four year run of fund raising in Dallas.  He helped us to bring in nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the North Texas Food Bank by influencing his teammates, his fans and others in Dallas.  Michael has been an extremely valuable member of our team since day one.

Name: Antonio Freeman
Notables: Former Green Bay Packer Player, All Pro 1998, Pro Bowl 1998 and 1999, Member of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame
Antonio joined our cause in 2006 and he has not stopped finding new ways to help since then.  He has been a guest at several of our public functions already and he plans to establish fund-raising efforts in his hometown of Baltimore to help fight hunger through our organization.  He has been a tremendous addition to our team and will be a great spokesman for us.  He has signed items, donated items and promoted us at every opportunity. 

Name: Jerry Kramer
Notables: Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame, Former Green Bay Packer Player, Five-time All Pro, Best Selling Author of "Instant Replay"
Jerry has been a shining light to our organization since 1995.  He has never hesitated to do whatever is necessary to help us "...wipe away the tears of hunger..."  He has made numerous appearances, he has influenced many former and current players to join our team and donate items.  He as worked closely with us to formulate new ideas and new programs in order to bring about greater success in our battler against hunger.  Jerry has been the real definition of an active board member ever since he first stepped in to our group.  He has been a god-send to our cause.

Name: Bo Ryan
Notables: Head Coach University of Wisconsin Men's Basketball
Bo is currently consumed by his duties as head coach of the very successful Badger men's basketball program.  Yet, he finds ways to work with us to further our efforts to fight hunger.  He is a major reason why corporations respect our organization.

Name: Mark Tauscher
Notables: Current NFL Player, Former University of Wisconsin Football Player
Mark joined the Buckets honorary board in 2003.  He was introduced to us by Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston at the Jim Rome Show in Madison.  He has done appearances, golf events, autograph sessions and signed many items for our cause.  Mark has been a friend to the organization and a key reason why we continue to succeed in the battle against hunger.

Name: Jim Taylor
Notables: NFL Hall of Fame, Former Green Bay Packer Player
Jim Taylor is an original member of our honorary board of directors.  He has signed countless items for us, he has donated many pieces of memorabilia and he has done radio and newspaper interviews to promote our organization.  Jim's name alone adds a great deal of credibility to our group as he is very respected by his former teammates.   Jim has never hesitated when asked to contribute to the cause.  He has carried us to another level of success in our efforts to "...wipe away the tears of hunger.."

Name: Fuzzy Thurston
Notables: Former Green Bay Packer Player, Member Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame
Fuzzy came to the organization in 2003 and has been a guest at several of our events.  He has donated his signatures dozens and dozens of times and he is always willing to come to our aid whenever asked.

Name: Joe Thomas  

Notables: Former Wisconsin Badger offensive lineman, Outland Trophy winner as best offensive lineman in college in 2006 

Current NFL starter with the Cleveland Browns

Joe agreed to become a member of the honorary board of directors in 2007 as soon as he finished his senior year of football at UW.  He has already helped out considerably with generous donations of memorabilia and "experience" items at our auctions. He is going to be a valuable asset to our cause for years to come.

Name: Tracy Webster   

Notables: Former Wisconsin Badger point guard was All-Big Ten. Has served as assistant coach at Ball State, Purdue, Illinois, Kentucky, DePaul and is now at University of Tennessee as assistant coach men's basketball


Tracy just joined our honorary board of directors in October of 2010. Ironically, he was involved in the first three fund-raising events that Buckets ever held.  He brought our a group of former Badger basketball players to Oregon High School in 1995-6-7 for a celebrity game. We are thrilled to have him finally join our board.
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